Monday, July 17, 2006

Lee Silver on tonight's Colbert Report

Tonight's Colbert Report will feature Princeton Molecular Biology's own Professor Lee Silver!
Incidentally, the Colbert Report is one of my favorite shows; I've been following Stephen's career since he was a brash but intrepid correspondent on The Daily Show. He's come so far, and made me so proud (tear).
I haven't read Lee Silver's book, but as the reviews encapsulate it, the book seeks to turn on its head the notion that what is natural necessarily equates to what is good, and explains that roadblocks to scientific advances are being put up from the political left just as much as from the right.
Read this article at The Scientist Magazine for more info.
Anyhow, my TiVo's set; it should be an interesting chat with Colbert about Silver's new book (no doubt he'll be gleeful that the left is getting an earful from Silver). I'll be sure to blog about my thoughts afterward.



At 10:49 PM, Anonymous Jason Fehr said...

I worry only that Colbert's hard hitting, no-nonsense, take-no- prisoners style of journalism leaves the esteemed Professor Silver begging for mercy and weeping like a schoolgirl.


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