Wednesday, July 19, 2006

You get into Nature your way....

Excuse the shameless self-promotion here. I've been featured in today's issue of Nature as part of their "Survive in Science" series. The article has advice and anecdotes about switching labs during your graduate career. You'll need to be somewhere with a subscription to the journal in order to view the article.
During my second year at Princeton, just after passing the Generals Exam (that's our qualifying exam), I switched from a biochemistry group to a synthetic organic chem lab, and I described the whole process to Kendall Powell, the freelancer who wrote the story. Kendall was a great interviewer; she was very easy to talk to and she even gave me some tips on breaking into the business.



At 1:51 AM, Anonymous Grace said...

Congratulations, Carmen!

At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Aislyn Wist said...

Hey Carmen,
Before reading your post about it, I read the Nature article. I thought of you while reading and then - there was your name! I found the article helpful, but I was hoping for some more comments from post-docs or scenarios that pertain to post-docs.

Great job on the blog - it is really nicely put together. I will keep you posted if there is anything interesting to add from the signaling/modeling world.


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